Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Restitutive Law Vs. Repressive Law

 Repressive Law: server punishment for crime committed.
 Restitutive Law: pay for the crime committed.

In my father opinion, he believes that the best way to stop graffiti on many street in Los Angeles is to have a cop waiting at a location until a tagger shows up. Upon his arrival the cop should shoot the arm or the leg. The result of this is to warn all taggers that graffiti is a crime that has consequenses. 

My fathers ideas regarding law is definitely repressive. 
Thought this would help someone remember the difference. 


llovely said...

Hahaha, This is a great example.
It is so Durkheim.
Thank you this will help for tomorrow.

Queen said...

Did my post appear?

chimostrufia said...

Yes, is so Durkheim but wowww that is cruel punishment. Graffiti should not be the reason why a person looses his/her arm or hand. How about reforming policies. for instance instead of paying a fine make all taggers work for the city for free. The offender has to provide the paint to repaint all grafitti in city for 10 years.